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Deciding to sell your business is a personal and life-changing decision. When representing our sellers, we understand
the passion entrepreneurs have for their organizations, and our primary goal is to ensure the sellers wishes are secured, respected, and met throughout the process.  Our process at Energy Acquisition Advisors includes sitting down with the 
seller to ensure we have a complete understanding of the objectives they have for selling their business.
We start by providing a no-charge valuation to ensure a realistic expectation of value based on current market
trends, then design a specific marketing plan tailored to the goals set by the seller for the transaction at play.

The sales process is discreet, and all potential buyers are pre-qualified and vetted to weed out any non-serious time wasters. This saves our clients time and money throughout the process. The goal of any sell side representation
is to have multiple qualified offers within 60 days of listing the business for sale, and a transaction completed
inside of 120 days.  Our team is focused on connecting the right buyers and sellers for every deal, maximizing the
potential and likelihood of completing transactions. We represent clients who have realistic valuation expectations
and are serious about selling their business, and qualified buyers who can ensure the continued success
of the company beyond the conclusion of the transaction.


EAA LOGO 1 copy.png

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