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At Energy Acquisition Advisors we only focus on advising buyers and sellers of small to mid-sized OFS companies. This portion of the market is frequently overlooked and undervalued by larger investment
banking groups and is typically represented by general business brokers without industry experience, knowledge, or a large network. This results in the transactions either failing or taking months to complete,
with false starts and business disruptions in the process. Our team is OFS!  We have been in the industry all our lives and have the knowledge, hard work, and relationships to prove it. We will maximize transaction value every time, in a realistic timeframe, all with minimal disruption to your business. Simplicity is the key to an effective transaction, and we have refined our sales process and done our due diligence to simplify the complexity of buying and selling a business. We strive to take the majority of the heavy lifting in an
acquisition off of our clients, which gives them the ability to continue focusing on the business.
If you’re serious about selling or acquiring an OFS company today, EAA is the
team to choose. Our team comprised of highly sought-after experts in the field will make the
process as easy and efficient as possible.
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