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Energy Acquisition Advisors is an oilfield only advisory firm focused exclusively on connecting and advising buyers and sellers of small to mid-sized oilfield service and manufacturing companies.

The Energy Acquisition Advisors team is comprised exclusively of industry experts, each with years of hands-on experience buying, selling, and leading OFS companies of all sizes.  Our broad range of experience, passion for the industry, and deep industry roots translates into a discrete, highly effective
M&A advisory team focused on the goals of our clients. 

Our reputation is based on our performance, thus we are selective with our engagements.  Each client
and transaction is vetted to ensure accuracy and transparency, reducing the  potential for surprises
which could jeopardize a transaction.   Our focus on the client’s goals, selective approach to
engagements, and a comprehensive understanding of the industry drives an increased value back
to our clients, while improving the certainty of a transaction.  


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